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My Siwonnie (Part 1)

Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.

What happen when a boy name Kim Jongwoon admiring someone named Choi Siwon, but the said name is always showing him the other way? When someone likes Jongwoon but he just ignoring him and only focus on Siwon. When he get problem between love, brothership and friendship. When he has to take responsibility for what he does. When he's in love.

Admiring is simple thing you like to do. When you fall in love the thing you do first is admiring the thing you love. Am I right? Of course! I am falling in love. I have someone I admire. The crush of mine is so perfect, no… more than perfect. Do you believe me? You have to. How can I say my crush is perfect, it’s because the said person is having tempting body that I admire and I want.

Choi Siwon is the person I love. He’s the leader of our basket club and also the son of this owner school. He’s so cool that every girl in this school likes him even the boys have crush on him. How can I miss this goddess thing away from me? He’s the star here. No, he’s the star in my heart.

Aish! I am like a girl already who fangirls him every time he passes in front of me. Like now, he uses his charming smile and passes by. “Hi, do you have time?” one of his friends asks me with sparkling eyes. Oh Em Gee. Can you just go away from my eyes, freak? I have to smile in annoying. “Aww, Siwonnie… Look, he’s so cute with that face. Aww…”

‘What the heck?!’ He pinches my cheeks. I don’t like it at all. I cross my arm and pout. I see Siwon smiles and stroking my hair. “Yesungie is cute, Kyu, can you stop pinching his cheeks? Those are red already.” Honestly, I’m happy he says I’m cute but he just want that Kyu to let me. So, I keep pouting.

That Kyu boy stops pinching my cheeks but he’s still staring at me intently. I hate him! God, I want only Siwon who look at me like that. But he goes away again. I want to call him but someone holds my arm forcefully. “Yesungie, can you take time with me? I want to treat you some meal. Do you want?”

I shake my head and gather my strength to push him away from me. Heck! Can someone like him disappear? I run away and reach my destiny. You must know what I want to say. Of course it’s Siwon’s place. He’s sitting with his others friend in café. I guess he’s waiting for his coffee and some muffins. Ah! My guess is right! The waiter brings him some muffins and coffee. Oh my, he thanks the waiter politely with his famous smile. I am melting right now. I have to fan myself. I need fan.

Slowly I approach him and take a seat next to, um, if I’m not wrong, Shindong or Donghae, I, whatever. “Hi, Siwon.” I greet him. He nods and sips his coffee elegantly. Jinjja, he’s really perfect. “I’m sorry I don’t have any other seat here. So, here I am sitting with you guys.” Okay, now I have to hide my blush even though the hot temperature is running down my body just seeing him.

“No, no problem, right, guys? Yesungie can sit here with us every time you want.” That Shindong or Donghae says. “Oh, do you remember my name, by the way? I’m Donghee, Donghae’s cousin. Shin Donghee.”

“Ah, now I remember you.” Stupid! Why did I have to say that? I was look like a forgetful person. They laugh together. I get pinch again by that big boy but not that hard like Kyu did awhile ago. “Haha… Sorry, I get confuse by your names.” I point out Donghae and Donghee.

“It’s okay. Siwon is like you at first time we met and be friend because of that. If not then now we are not here eating together, right, Wonnie?” Now, the handsome one says. Well, don’t miss me. I just say he’s handsome because if he’s compare with Donghee, Donghae is handsome, hahhaah… I glance at Siwon. He nods and smiles. I melt again.

“Aaaaaaahhh~ Yesungie is here with us too? Omo~ you want some juice or just plain water?” an annoying voice interrupting us. Really, can someone like him disappear?! I have to shout.

They laugh again. They all make me pout. I want to see Siwon’s face but he closes it with his hand while the other is used to hold his book. Is he reading a bible? I can see it by its written. Wow! He’s so cute with that gesture.

It’s not long to see him because his and only one crazy friend makes me roll my eyes again. If I say I admire Siwon from head to toe, from bottom of heart, now this Kyu, is he admiring me too? Then I am also popular, right? Tsk! I don’t want him. I just want my Siwon. This Kyu brings me orange juice and snacks. I take it and sip it slowly. I see Siwon is looking at me.

“Don’t you like sweet taste?” he asks me. He asks me??? Yups, he asks me. “That juice is-”

“Ah, don’t worry, Siwonnie, I asked to lessen its sweetness.” That Kyu makes me freak out. How did he know I hate sweetness? Is really my admirer or my stalker?

Now he sits next to me across Siwon. I keep sipping my juice while Siwon keeps reading his bible and the annoying thing is Kyu is staring at me intently. I can tell from my side eyes. Donghae and Donghee are chatting with loud voice. I ignore them all for my Siwonnie who is busy ready. His calm face is so precious. I want to watch his face more and more but something is buzzing in my pocket.

I take it out and see the screen. ‘One message received’ who is this? I open it and read.

“Hyungieeee~ where are you? Are you hungry? I made homemade if you want some. By the way, do you see my hero?”

This kid again. Ah, I almost forget to tell you who I am. My name is Jongwoon, Kim Jongwoon, but my mom always calls me Yesung due to my art voice. Kkk~ when she heard my voice while singing she told I had the best voice ever. That’s why she calls me Yesung. I am 17 years old. My birthday has passed 3 months ago. I get shocked when mom brought someone at home at that time. She brought a boy younger than me named Ryeowook, she married a middle guy with one son. I didn’t mind though about it but that Ryeowook is really loud and crazy. He told me he had crush on someone that helping him at market. What’s great about it?

One thing he loves is cooking. Yes, cooking. He always makes meals for me. Due to his persistence I have to eat with him. But now I don’t want to see his face for once in period. I have enough with his puppy but not cute eyes.

Oh, his hero?

‘I don’t see him. I even don’t know him. I am in café. Here is so full, you can take lunch at rooftop, Wook.’

I pinch the send button. I put it back on my pocket and starting to watch my Siwonnie again, but I get interrupted again for second times today. “Who are you texting?” a soft voice whispering in my ear. “Don’t you know I am here?”

My body is shivering. Siwon is looking at me and to my side. “Stop it, Kyu. You make him scared. Look at him.” He points at me. I glance at Kyu and to Siwon with my freaky face.

“Omo~ I’m sorry Yesungie. I just curious who is it you text? Is that your lover?”

“No! I don’t have lover.” Wait! Why I have to yell at? I roll my eyes and correct my tone. “I-it’s my little brother. Why? Anybody here is jealous?” I ask cheekily.

“I am.” Both Kyu and Siwon say in unison. Donghae and Donghee stare at us.

Silence is surrounding us. Looks like Siwon’s face is telling the truth and Kyu’s face is lying. Wait, is he really jealous? Ah, what do I do? What do I do? My Siwonnie is jealous.

“Can someone explain it to me?” Donghee’s voice wakes us up. “Why are you jealous, Siwon?”

“No reason. I just feel like saying that.” He says in ease.

No reason? What the… I feel like my heart is breaking. I pout and it makes worse. I feel hot tears is running down my face. Out of my mind I am crying and run towards my class. I don’t want to see their face. I don’t want…

Tags: fic: my siwonnie, kyuhyun, kyusung, kyuwook, ryeowook, siwon, super junior, yesung, yewon
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