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My Siwonnie (Part 2)

Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.

Part 1

It has 2 days I get my free day of school. I miss school already. Why? It’s because my little brother, Ryeowook. He keeps nagging me about his hero. If not, he will ask me to eat with him. No, not with him as if he also eating but while I’m eating he’s watching. He’s really odd. I can’t believe this, I have brother like him.

Noon passes by just like that. My day is boring. I have to stay in my room remembering some English words for my little exam tomorrow. But I can’t concentrate about it at all. The scene about 2 days ago makes me sad. I can’t erase it. Why does it have to repeat and repeat again?

My Siwonnie was so mean. He didn’t like me. He likes to play around. Why did he so kind toward me if it’s not for a care? Am I that ugly? Fine, I have to check my appearance start from tomorrow. And I will make sure my Siwonnie will kneel in front of me. Hahaha~ aish, my fangirl thing comes again.

I must be really in love with him. So many girls in the world but my eyes can’t take it away from Choi Siwon. Ah! I remember there’s also handsome Donghae but Siwon is only the one in my eyes. Did he do something forbidden toward me? Eeewwww~ he didn’t!

Stop it, Jongwoon, you make it worse. Siwon is innocent. Well, not really. Aish~ forget it…

“Ne, forget it, Mom!”

I roll my eyes. I know who the owner of the voice is just now. High pitch tone. Who else other than Kim annoying Ryeowook, huh? I thank God I have nice and heavy voice, at least it doesn’t hurting peoples’ ear.

“Stop it, Mom…” I hear some steps approach me slowly. “Why is she so nagging?”

The door is opened with Ryeowook on the way. He sits on my bed, one leg on another leg, hands cross, and ugly face plastered there. I shake my head in disbelieve. “What is mom doing again?” I ask him still in my place, on my study desk.

“She keeps asking me about the girl she saw last time in the mall. I don’t like her. Mom makes me sick about her.” He throws tantrum on me.

It’s like he’s not making me sick. I ask him again. “So, you are sick right now?”

“Hyung, you know I like my hero. She knew it, but she ignores me. Ugh!”

“Did you tell her that hero is a boy?”

He shakes his head and pout. His eyes are showing me the sadness. Well, one thing I like about this brother is his pout. He’s cute when he does that. I hold my laughter. I don’t speak again after that. It seems like Ryeowook also wants me to shut my mouth up. He is just rolling around on my bed. I back to my work. It doesn’t work well if I just keep thinking about Siwonnie now. So, I plug my earphone and play some random songs to bother my mind.

But the luck is not on my hand, it keeps playing its random sad song. What is this? It plays me! Ugh! I turn off my MP3 and close my book. I need to feed my hungry tummy. Since this morning I eat a lot but none of them feed me enough. Is that Ryeowook put something on my food, so I don’t feel full at all? Omo~ I gasp…

“Hyung, where are you going?” he hears my footstep when I am about to open the door. He eyes me curiously.

I narrow my eyes seeing him untidy like that. Wow! The boring Ryeowook is showing up. His messing hair is so perfect on him. Let me tell you something. Kim Ryeowook is so genius, his hair is so tidy, but when it comes to something boring he will show us his hilarious style one. Like right now, he’s indeed perfect with messy hair. Umm, I should tell him such a long time ago. Kkk~

I snap when I remember I want to take some food in the kitchen. But now decide to buy outside. It’s because he might put something in the food. Euw! “I-I need to pee. Well, you wanna come with me?” I have to lie.

“Oww, gross. Can you hide for yourself? I hate you, hyung. Really.” He rolls back on the bed.

I take it as opportunity. I grab my hat and slowly go outside. I don’t see my mother. Maybe she’s out already. Fortunately I bring my wallet and my phone. I want to take fresh air. It’s evening already and the air is so fresh.

When I arrive at the park, I spot one tent. The owner sells spicy rice cake. I lick my lips. It’s been long time I didn’t eat this stuff. I take one bite of it. The owner smiles at me. “Is it nice?” I nod my head with mouth full of rice cake. She chuckles.

“It’s perfect, eommonim.” I thumb her up.

She smiles again and gives me a plate of rice cake. I reach one bench near the tent and enjoy my meal. When I almost finish it, a hand takes it with its fingers. I bring my eyes to see who this is.

For my shocking day, I see my perfect Siwonnie is sitting enjoying my rice cake next to me. Oh God! Am I dreaming? I have to slap my own face to see he’s real or not. It’s hard. Aww…

“Omo~ Yesung! What are you doing? Why did you slap yourself, huh?” he brings his hand to touch my face. It’s so warm.

“Wh-why are you here?” I ask him instead.

He smiles. “I follow you here. I saw you on the street walked by yourself and I followed you.”

“B-but, that’s my last rice cake. I don’t have enough money to buy some again.” I whine and pout.

“You haven’t pay for it, right?” he asks me while taking my plate. I nod. “Well, it’s my treat, then. I buy you some again and eat all you want.”


“Umm, it’s for my last behavior. About 2 days ago in café. I’m sorry, Yesung.”

We both get silent. I swallow. He apologizes for that. How sweet he’s. I feel blush on my face. “No need, Siwon. I’m sorry too.”

“So, my treat?” he asks again with sweet tone.

This is the reason I love him. Even though he made me sad sometime, but he can make smile again. My heart is rising again. I can’t count how many time I am being like this. It’s lucky for me he’s still talking to me. I’m sure he has feeling for me. I’m confident about it. If not, why does he come to follow me, here, right? He even still talks to me.

“Well, Yesung… I have to tell you something.” We both walk little after paying my second meal. Siwon take my hand and swaying his with mind. My heart, it’s almost exploding. I giggle and look down to my feet and his. I feel like it’s my date with him. How I wish so much about it.

His tall body makes me have to look at him a bit more up to level his height. “What is it?”

He hesitantly answers me. His eyes are clear to be seen even though it’s almost dark already.

“There’s someone who likes you. I-I think you know who this is.”


“Yes. He really likes you. But, I don’t know if you like him too. He’s curious about you and wants to know if you already have someone you like or …”

I cut his words. “Well, I have, Siwonnie. If you tell me that person is Kyu, your friend, well, just screw him. I hate him being flirting on me.”

“You have one?” I can see his sad face.

Aww… Siwonnie, don’t be sad. It’s you! I like you. No! I love you! Why are sad because I hate Kyu. Are you really happy if I like Kyu back? Ahh!! I want to shout your name but my throat doesn’t let me.

‘I love you, Siwonnie.’

Tags: fic: my siwonnie, kyuhyun, kyusung, kyuwook, ryeowook, siwon, super junior, yesung, yewon
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