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My Siwonnie (Part 3)

Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.
Part 1 || Part 2

School has started again. I decide to go with Ryeowook for the first time. He said he wanted to spend his first period with me due to I don’t have class today. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I don’t mind about it, at least he doesn’t nag me to eat his food. He’s in bad mood I guess. It’s because mom was confronting him all day.

I pity him but what shall I do? As a brother I just feel guilty for not helping him. Well, I am not his real brother. So, what do you want me to do about him? Helping him while my own problem is not solving? Screw me!

I just want to eat something this time. Mom didn’t make us breakfast. She was upset because Ryeowook yells at him. Aish! I get the punishment. They are like kids. Trolling around then both of them get hurt. Really, If I were dad, I would give them both lollipop and leave them in baby box. Hahha! And just by thinking about them makes my tummy growling more and more. Ryeowook also hasn’t come out to meet me in café.

You must be confusing why I and Ryeowook never meet in school, right? Well, we dealt about it before. Before he meets his hero he will never admit he’s my step brother. I agreed about it and said the same thing. If I haven’t be Siwonnie’s boyfriend I don’t want to say he’s my step little brother. And every day we have to go to school by ourselves. I walk and he rides the bus. I hate bus!


Someone groans when I didn’t pay attention on my way to take breakfast. I have knocked someone. I rub my forehead and look at the floor. He’s bowing his head and rubs his sore head and butt. I can say sore because he shouts loudly.  I glance at my surrounding. There are few students but they are not paying attention toward us. I back my eyes to this boy.

Wait! I know exactly who he is. “You! What are you doing here, huh?” I ask not so politely.

He stares at me with puppy eyes then smile. Yuck! I wanna wipe that annoying smile.

“Oh, Yesungie… isn’t it obvious that I am in café to have breakfast in the morning. If it’s afternoon then I want to get lunch. Am I right?” he stands up and puts his arm around my waist. “You want me to treat you?” his seductive voice makes my tummy full instantly.

“Yah! Could you please flirt with someone else? I’m not in the mood to see you.”

“Why?” he shows his sad face and fakes a sob. “Do you hate me that much? Yesungie, you know I like you. Why don’t you show me at least a bit of care for me? I don’t mind you don’t like me. B-but… I am a person who has weak heart.”

‘Yah! You are the one who make it so dramatically. Can you at least show your normal side and flirt with someone else?’ I just ignore him and reach my table. My usual table if there was not Siwon on the way.

“Yesungieeeee hyung….” Ah, that is Ryeowook. His high pitch voice is so different.

I wave my hand and smile at him. “Why do you late?” I ask him as he sits across me.

“I’m sorry, ah, forget it! By the way, which menu do you want to eat? I choose the same as you.”

Watching Kyu is still standing there looking for an empty table; I also check the menu and choose special fried rice. I hope it will make me full and I can concentrate on my class in next period. Ryeowook nods and approach the waiter behind his table. With smile he orders our meals. I look at Kyu again but he’s not standing there anymore. ‘Hah! Finally he’s nowhere. Good if he’s disappear!’

I turn my head to sit properly but I get shocked when he’s already in front of me with his famous annoying smile plasters on his face. So sick! It’s still morning and this café tables are mostly empty. Why does he have to sit here? Oh! Ryeowook will be mad at him when he’s back and finds his seat is sat by a freak like Kyu. Wait, I always call him Kyu. Actually I still don’t know his full name. Is it KyuMong? KyuGong? Kyu… Lee? Kim? Han? Aish! It’s not even my concern.

He’s still there with that smile and tries to reach my hands but I pull it. He pouts. “Why are you so mean toward me? I am not bad person, Yesungie.”

“Stop calling me Yesungie. I’m not close to you, even I don’t know you. You are some freak.” I pout too.

He chuckles as if I am the funniest thing he can laugh at. But something is bothering me since he likes to bother me. Why is he so, umm, charismatic? Even though he smiles and it makes me hate him more and more but behind that smile there’s something he hides. I hope it doesn’t connect to me. A high pitch voice snaps me from my thought.

“Hyung, here is yours.” Ryeowook sits next to Kyu and claps his hand to pray before he feeds himself.

I just want to enjoy my meal. Ignoring Kyu and eat my food happily, until one hand touch mine and brings it to a pair of lips. I just realize those are Kyu’s lips. He chews my fried rice while closing his eyes but his hand doesn’t let go off my hand. “Umm… this is so nice when someone you like is feeding you. Right, dear?” he looks at Ryeowook’s face.

Ryeowook nods. A tin of blush appear on his cheeks. He stops chewing and puts my hand slowly. His eyes are glued to Ryeowook. Shock! How much shocks I have to receive this morning. With his thumb Kyu wipes Ryeowook’s messy lips. Poor my dongsaeng. He collapses right away on the table. I guess he consume too much nervousness last night from mom.

“Yah! What are you doing? He’s fainting. You take responsibility to him now! Omo~ Ryeowook, wake up! Come on…” I pat his right cheek. Kyu is too shock to take the reality. He’s stunned on his seat. I have to wake him up before he runs and leave me alone with Ryeowook. I hit his head with all my strength. “Freak! Help me!”

“Aaaahhhh!!! Yesungie, I’m sorry! I’m sorry… what did I do? Why is he fainting?!” he loses his sense.

“Just bring him to rest room. Come on!”

He nods and takes Ryeowook bridal stile t rest room. Before I follow him I eat few spoons of my rice and pay them. The waiter with worry eyes eyeing me. Go Jongwoon! Finish your rice. You will get… “Uuuurrrgghh!!” aaahh~ I bark.

When I arrive at rest room, Kyu has sat next to Ryeowook with worry look. He cleans Ryeowook’s left check with white scarf. So much rice on his cute cheek. I leave them alone and head back to my class. Fiuh! Finally I have my free time in school. While Kyu is taking care of my brother I want to study my English again and…. And….

My Siwonnie… I see he’s with a girl behind a big pillar holding each other hands.

What the?! Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!!!!
Tags: fic: my siwonnie, kyuhyun, kyusung, kyuwook, ryeowook, siwon, super junior, yesung, yewon
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