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My Siwonnie (Part 4)

Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

Kyuhyun’s POV

Oh, wow… he’s so cute like this. What is his name? Why do like I knew this boy? Well, forget it. I’m sure he’s like this because of me, because my charm. Hahaha~

Beside Yesung who can make me smile all the time seeing his face, this boy even with his close eyes can make me laugh. He’s really something. Wait, where’s my Yesung? I look around the room but he’s nowhere. Is he still in café? No way. I saw he followed me before. B-but… where’s he.

I can’t leave this boy. He will be shock when he’s awake and already in here. It’s my fault for showing my sweet smile to him while he’s eating eagerly. Omona~ his face is flawless and soft. I wonder what it feels to touch Yesungie’s face. Wait! He knew this boy, but why didn’t I know before? I always watch him around the school. Uhm, maybe you can say I stalk him.

I have to laugh by myself when Yesungie shows me his annoying face. He really dislikes me. Why? Am I too scary? No, I’m handsome. Hahahah~~

“Haha~” I laugh hard remembering him with his cute but bored face.

“Ugh,” Eeehh? He’s awake? I stand up to see his pulse. He’s awake but still closing his eyes. I clean his face again making sure it cleans from the rice. Uhm, he smells like food. He makes me hungry again. “I- Yesungie hyung?”

“Ah, sorry for making you like this. I’m Kyuhyun…”

I speak quickly when he already opens his eyes and roaming the room. His face is clueless. I chuckle a bit. His eyes widen but he tries to calm. I can tell from his hands that gripping the sheet tightly. He’s cute~

“You…” he pauses before sits up and closes his eyes for a moment. I wait for him and sit again. “You are hyung’s friend?”

I nod and he smiles. He is blushing. I pierce my eyes. I think I ever met him, but where? “You look familiar, really. What’s your name?”

“Ryeowook. You can call me Wook. My dad likes to call me baby Wook. Yesung hyung likes to call me NagWook. Mom… she calls me her son. Heheh~”

Wow, he’s something. Yesungie must be really likes him. Yesungie? “Wait, you are Yesungie’s friend?”

He shakes but nods also. What’s wrong with him? As I learn about him, he’s almost near the word ‘weird’. I caress my chin and nod. “Well, I’m not his friend, but I’m also not his real brother. Ah, forget it… Thanks for taking care of me here, Kyuie…” he smiles.

Oh my~ how cute and sweet he’s when he smiles like that. I thought Yesungie’s smile was more attractive but I was wrong, this Ryeowook is more than attractive.

We both get silent for a moment, until I decide to leave him there because he’s already okay, I think. But he grabs my wrist and stares at my hand. “Uhm, that’s mine. Where did you get it?” he points at the scarf I used to clean his soft cheek.

“Ah, someone I met in market fell this. Is this yours? Are you sure?” I ask him curiously.

He doesn’t say anything, just taking the scarf and examining it for a moment. He shows me the name on it and I am shock there’s his name painting cutely (in hangul). “My name. Kim Ryeowook.” He smiles again and it makes my heart almost melt. He is so something.

“So…?” I try to speak.

“You are my hero. Kyuie~”


Back to normal POV (Yesung’s)

I-I have to go from this place. So hard to see the one you love is holding another’s hands and smiling lovingly toward the person. I need to go. I don’t’ want to see Siwon anymore. Can I? But before I turn my body around, he spots me and wave at me. I stare at him when he’s jogging but still holding that girl hand. I pout. Really sad pout.

“Yo, Yesungie. Where have you been? I want to talk to you.” He glances at the girl and takes the girl’s waist. He puts his arm around the waist and once again, smiling. “She’s my-“

“Sorry, Siwon, I need to go.” I have to cut his word. I don’t like hearing anything from his mouth.

Now, I know. He really wants me to be Kyu’s lover because he has someone already. He loves his friend and doesn’t want that suck person to be alone while he’s lovey dovey with this girl. Ugh! Jongwoon, you really screw this time.

I turn my body with force and sigh in depress. But once again I get to stop when someone shout my name. “Kim Yesung-shii…”

“What?!” I shout at the person without looking at the face. When I see who the person is, my mouth opens immediately. Really… can you save me for a day, God? Why do I have to have bad life? First is Ryeowook, second is Kyu, third is Siwon and that girl, and now…

“Sorry, for interrupting you, Mr. Kim Jongwoon. But, can you for a moment follow me to the office. There’s someone who wants to see you. By the way, Mr. Choi,” he says while still looking straight at my eyes. It makes me shivering too much. “nice cousin you have.”

With that, he leaves me stunning with Siwon and the girl still on their spots.

“Wow… he’s so cool, oppa. Who is he?” I hear the girl asks Siwon.

“He’s our annoying English teacher, Mr. Lee Teuk. Uhm, Park Jungsoo is his real name, though. He’s 30, but acts like he’s the best here. Why, you like him? Well, I guess you should check your eyes before liking someone. He’s really not your type. I know it.”

What?! That girl is not his girlfriend? And- and she like that monster?

“Why? He’s cool. Besides, I, Lee Sora, will win his heart. You just see later, oppa. Oh, by the way. He’s cute and really matches with you. I am happy you can choose the handsome one, oppa. Bye, I need to be back at my class room, oppa…”

I hear some steps fading away and some steps closer to me. “Yesungie? Are you okay? I can accompany you to his room if you want. Sorry for not telling you about Sora first. She’s so nagging about you. She likes you when I told her I have friend like you.”

I nod and take a breath. He smiles. Aish! Can me angry with him just for one day. He always makes me misunderstanding. So, that girl- “So, he’s not your girlfriend?” I ask instantly, making him frowns and then laughs.

“Haha~ well, not. She’s my relative. I guess she likes Mr. Knows Everything.” he whispers in my ear and chuckles.

I’m relief. He’s still single though. That girl is not matching with him, though.

“By the way, she said, we were matching, Yesungie.”

I choke on my way to Mr. Park’s room. H-he, no… she said that? She said I and Siwon are matching? Wow~


‘I agree, girl. Hahahaha!’
Tags: fic: my siwonnie, kyuhyun, kyusung, kyuwook, ryeowook, siwon, super junior, yesung, yewon
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