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13 May 2013 @ 05:25 pm
My Siwonnie (Part 6)  
Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.
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Siwon's POV

Oh my God!! Yesung! "What happen? Come on, Yesung... Wake up!!" I whisper panic. He’s breathing hardly. I can’t just stand here like a statue while looking at him like that. I bend down and check his temperature body. He’s not sick, but his body is sweating.

I have to do something usefully here. Without any words I lift his body and bring him to the rest room. I see Kyuhyun and someone there. I don’t have time care about them. When I reach an empty bed next to Kyuhyun I put Yesung there and run to find the nurse. I hear someone calls me, but I ignore him.

‘Yesungie, please wait for me…’

I keep looking for her for few minutes. I find her in headmaster’s room. With permission I drag her impatiently. There in front of rest room, that man who has made my Yesungie fainting like a dead. He’s so damn curse! I don’t care who he is. In my point of view, he’s a bad person who likes to hurt my Yesung. I can’t bear he does that again after this.

“Siwon, what happen?” Miss Kim asks me, making me wake up from my thought. I point at that old man with annoying face. She looks at my finger and sees him.

“Who is he?” I shake my head.

We reach our destiny. She immediately checks Yesung with calm expression. I don’t know how to tell, but I really panic right now. The only thing I can do is waiting for her to finish her job. I see Yesung is trembling. He’s still closing his eyes.

My eyes walk to person who is sobbing on Kyuhyun’s embrace. His petite body is shaking. Why does he cry? Why does Kyuhyun with him? Who is he? My mind is surrounding by a lot of questions. Kyuhyun is looking at me while soothing him. He links his eyebrows. I ignore him. Well I think he knows now what I feel about Yesung. Wait!

Does he love Yesung too? Omo~ I really curious who that boy is.

“Kyuie… hikss… Hyung will be find right?” I hear that boy ask Kyuhyun.

‘Mwo? Kyuie? What a name!’ I wanna laugh right now but I can’t.

Kyuhyun glance at me before he answers. “I’m sure Yesung will be fine. We are here for him… don’t cry, Wook.”

That petite boy nods and wipe his own tears. Wow! He’s so cute. Since when someone obeys Kyu’s order, huh? Even Yesung never does that. Tsk! Thare’s something suspicious.

“Uh, Ms. Kim… May I know what happened to my son?” I instantly look at the person who asks about Yesung as his son. That old man looks at me and smiles. What the! He is the one who makes my Yesung like this and he plasters his innocent face there. I want to rip his face. “Is he okay?”

“Well, he’s fainting due to shock. He’ll be fine soon. Don’t worry. But, who are you? You are not Jongwoon’s father, right?” Ms. Kim asks him hurtfully.

Sometime this angel can be scary. Her words are too deep. That old man only looks at my Yesung with sad eyes. I glance at that petite by who is still in Kyuhyun’s embrace. He shakes his head and speaks. “He’s not hyung’s father. Maybe some strangers. His has father.”

“Well, are you Ryeowook?” that petite boy nods. “I’m his father. His real father.”

“No, hyung father is not you. Can you live him, ahjusshi…?”

“Come on, you little- he is my son. You are the stranger one, don’t ever bother me!” he gritted his teeth and holds Yesung’s hand.

I really don’t understand what happen here. That old man is Yesung’s father and said Ryeowook was the stranger. What happened here? Yesung has two fathers then? So the one who was in his theme on the cellphone is his fake father? I can’t believe it. So, who is Ryeowook?

“Pleaseee~ don’t take my hyung, ahjusshi…” Ryeowook is begging. He holds that old man’s hand so Yesung’s hand can’t be touch.

Kyuhyun gives me confused look. He approaches me and Ms. Kim. She also looks confused. “Is he bad person?” she asks us with worry face.

“I don’t know. He’s not like that, but who knows? We should wait for Yesung to conscious first after that we ask him everything. Kyu, I really don’t like him, he made Yesung like that.” I admit.

Kyuhyun seems doesn’t hear me. His eyes are focused on Ryeowook and that old man. He pats my shoulder and goes to Ryeowook’s side. He whispers something that we can’t hear him at all. Ryeowook nods and leaves with Kyuhyun. I don’t know what to say, they are weird. Well, at least right now Yesung isn’t counted.

A few minutes later Kyuhyun and Ryeowook come back with another weird expression. I can’t tell by the look. But, they are more serious. And it’s the first time I see Kyuhyun like this. Is it because that petite boy?

“I… I want you to leave hyung now, ahjusshi. He’s still not waking up, it’s because of you. Please, do this for his goodness.” He says forcefully. I know he tries to be strong.

“Come on, boy! He’s my son! How come you tell me to leave like this, huh? Who are you?” he asks dangerously. “Wait… Are you a son of that old man who married my ex-wife?”

“He’s not old, you know! You are the old one! Please, respect my hyung. Don’t bother him anymore. Actually I have called mom and told her to take hyung. If you want mom get angry.”

That old man seems tries to defend, but he sighs and stands up. “If it’s not because my son, you are died right now, little-”

“Sir, you are taking too long. The door is right there behind my big friend.” Kyuhyun says with gritting his teeth. He points on me and slips his hand around Ryeowook slim waist. “She’s almost here, soon.”

“I’m sure you will regret what you have done to me, Kim.”

That last sentence ends him. He goes without doing anything to Yesung. I feel relieve. The moment he said those words really scare me. He’s not good person.

I approach Yesung who is still lying on the bed with pale face. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet. I don’t really know what had happened between them. The last that I know is that petite boy named Ryeowook is hugging my sleeping Yesung. Well, I don’t feel any jealous towards him, not like when Yesung was with Kyuhyun. So, who is he for Yesung? Aish! Siwon, back to your sense, he’s just a stranger. You have to only focus on Yesung, okay?

“Hyung, wake up, please… he has gone now. I already kicked him out.” Ryeowook sits next to him on the bed. I glance at Kyuhyun. He goes out to somewhere I don’t know. Ryeowook speaks again. “I will make you more delicious food only for you. I will never nag you again, hyung… come on~!”

“Umm, excuse me…” I call him as he looks at Yesung’s face intently. “I just want to ask you something.”

He nods and sits properly n the couch with me following him. “Actually, who are you? I never saw you around this school. Are you new?”

“Nope,” he answers me normally. “I am just always being alone here. Hyung always avoids me when we want to have lunch. Wae? Are you hyung’s boyfriend.?”

Back to Yesung’s POV

What is it? Where am I? Wait, I hear someone is talking… Who is that?

I try my best to open my eyes, but it’s so heavy. I feel like wanting to the bathroom and do something about water. I- I want to release … I want to pee… but but~

“Ugh~ help meee~”

“Omo, hyung, are you okay? What happened? You need something? You want to drink?”

“Ugh~ i-want- to- pee…” I’m still closing my eyes. It’s so painful… his voice, I know it. “Wook~ I need bathroom!” I whined and open my eyes.

Siwon. Mwo?! Siwon is here?! How? Omo~ he looks so worried. Is it because of me? AAAAHHH!!! Too much questions in my head!

“Yesungie? You need help? I can take you there. Come on.” He gives me his hand but I can’t reach it. My hands are holding my um, you know what, okay? He panics and Ryeowook almost because he can do nothing.

Siwon is still panic. His face is pale. I thought, since I am the one in pain must be pale, but he takes it for himself. I want to laugh but it’s held by my pain. Aish! “Si-Siwon… please, give me your back… I can’t stand properly. It wants s to let out now. I can’t hold it anymore.” I beg him.

He immediately piggybacks me. I smile to myself and Ryeowook. He calms again and smiles while waving at me. My right hand is holding his neck tightly, while the other is still holding my pain. He looks so gentle yet afraid that I may fall down. He speeds up his step to the bathroom and put me down. I reach the door weakly. He wants to help me but I wave…

“No, no…. I can… wait here.”

With the last piece of tissue I wipe my needs and sigh loudly. “Phew! Almost…” I open the door and find Siwon I still standing there. “Siwonnie…” I smile and hug him. I kiss his cheeks. Yes, cheeks, both of them. Kkk~ I feel my own cheeks are burning now. “Thanks for bringing me here. Without I might faint again heheh~”

He smiles but his face is red. Aha! I got you beibeh!! I hug him again. “Y-you are welcome, Yesung…”

“Ah!” I realize Ryeowook is still there in the rest room. I have to ask something. “Umm, Siwon… actually I want to know something, I really forget about what had happened earlier. Why was I in the rest room, and why both of you waiting for me there? But, first, can you tell me who was the girl with you at that time?” now, that girl’s face is still fascinating in my head. She’s surely beautiful. I get my jealousness again over Siwonnie now.

He seems confuse but he smiles. “Oh, she’s my cousin, her name is Kang Sora. Wae? Are you jealous?” he smirks. He smirks?

“Aniya! I just asking… by the way, let’s go. Ryeowook may still waiting for us.” I run quickly and leave him alone there. ‘Oh My pant! I screw myself. How can I be such a fool these days?’

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