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New Love (Chapter 8)

Title: New Love
Pairing: KyuWook
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After his wife left him, he took care his twin daughters. But, could he be in love again after he met someone from his past? Could that someone make him falling love again? And there's one new love for them?
Author: shinigami_icha
Icha's note: Because I love her and she asked me to make new one of Double magnaes love. I make this for her --> skyhigh2824
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Our camp has ended happily. We are going home after the ceremony. Ryeowook suggested us to take taxi. My daughters nag me about buying them some snacks, but since it's still morning I just buy them milks and bread. They refuse it though, but Ryeowook who also comes along with us asks them. They agree. It makes me sulk. They get my baby's attention.

Oops, I almost forget about me and Ryeowook. We agree not to mention about that incident. That kiss for me is precious, who knows that we did that. I think, I'm falling in love with him. Kim Ryeowook, what have you done to me? I think about other stuffs too much until I feel a pat on my shoulder.
I look at the person. He smiles sweetly at me and hands me some bread. I forgot that I haven’t eaten anything and now my arms are keeping the twins in my embrace. So, I bite the bread. He also gives me a carton of milk. Why is the taste so good? Is it because of he is the one who give me? I think it is. I smile to myself. He’s so nice. I wonder is he really single or not. Well, I will be jealous if he really had someone.
He feeds me until we reach at my home. We get off of the car. Ryeowook is the one who paying. I feel bad for him because I can’t do it. My wallet is in Hyeorin’s back pack and it’s difficult to find. Such a stupid I am. But instead of mad at me, he asks also to take Hyerin. So, I piggy back Hyeorin until we enter the house and put both of them on the bed.

They must be really tired since we camped about 3 day 2 nights. Ryeowook looks really tired too but his smile is always shining. Right now he is singing a lullaby for the twins. I feel so proud of him. He likes kids so much. I know Ryeowook, he wants a little sister, but knowing himself he’s the only child in his family he must feel so bored.
“Baby…” I call him, trying not to wake the twins. He looks up.
“I think you should take a rest here first. School hasn’t start yet tomorrow, you can accompany the kids. How is it?” I try to make him stay as long as possible. Well, not only for the kids but for me too.
He thinks for awhile then nods his head agree with my offer. “Okay, since I don’t have anything to do too in my house. It’s boring."
“Then, since it’s still morning, we haven’t eaten properly, how about we make something? I think I still have more supplies of food in the fridge.” I rub my chin while thinking about it.
“Well, I hope they are still fine after you left them 3 days.”

“Not 3 days, but almost a week. I use them bit by bit.”
Hearing me saying that his eyes are piercing together towards me. I get confused by his action. He never looked at me like he wanted to eat me. “You are crazy, hyung.” The he checks the fridge and finds those supplies are cold and most of them can’t be used. “The vegetable are ruin. So, it’s your fault for buying so much vegetable while you use it a little.”
“I’m sorry.” I murmur. I follow him everywhere he goes around the area. “Are you mad at me?” I ask him when he sighs for the first time.
“No. It’s just, we only can me ramyeon. They have to take something rather than noodle.”
“So, what are we going to do now?”
“Go to the market. And, please, find your wallet.” He smiles at me.
Without thinking anymore I run towards the twins room and looking for my wallet inside Hyeorin’s bag pack. Found it! I check it and pull some Wons. My daughters are still sleeping soundly. I kiss them on the check and say a goodbye.
I see Ryeowook is waiting for me. He waves a piece of paper in front of me. “I have made some lists here what should we buy later. How about something sweets later?”
I nod. We decide to buy necessary things, so when I want to make something it won’t be like my previous supplies. Shopping is happier if you could go with someone you like, right? It’s my lucky day. I didn’t think I would come here to the market together with Ryeowook.

“Well, everything will be fast if you and I separate and buy what I wrote here.” Ryeowook speaks and hands me his notes. What the? He wrote 2 piece of list? I think I am not that lucky.

Kyuhyun’s house
“Eung… Hyerin… Wake up! Where’s appa?” Hyeorin who wakes up first asking her twin.
Hyerin hasn’t fully awakened. She shakes her head cutely. Her face is swollen. “Why?”
“Look! My bag pack is opened. Did someone steal something?” the older tries to find something from her bag. “Ah!!! Appa’s wallet! His money is gone! Eotteohke?!”
“B-but! We are alive!” Hyerin shouts too and hops from her bed. “Uaaahhh! We will die!!”
“Appa!!!!!!” together they shout out of their life.
After finishing their shopping time, Kyuhyun who wants to pay the bill speaks, “I have feeling something is wrong.”
“What is it, hyung?”
“Uaaahh! I forgot to lock the house!”
Tags: fic: new love, kyuhyun, kyuwook, ryeowook, super junior
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