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18 October 2013 @ 06:45 pm
My Siwonnie (Part 9)  
Title: My Siwonnie
Pairing: YeWon, KyuWook, KyuSung
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author: [info]shinigami_icha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's focus on my life. My life that always full of you, my Siwonnie. Do you realize that I love you more and more? I just see you and only you. My mind can't forget about you. My heart is beating so fast just for you. I love you, My Siwonnie.
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Part 9

“Si-Siwon… are you okay?” I hug him back and caressing his back slowly.

He nods and smiles after releasing me. I think my mind is corrupted by his charming smile. How could he fascinate me with his smile? And his dimple appears right on his flawless face. I feel like want to touch it. Yah! Jongwoon, stop being weird! You like to touch peoples’ face. Urgh…

I can’t stand it anymore.

I touch his face and poke his dimple. He smiles wider. “You like my dimple?” I don’t realize it until he touches my hand and drag me inside. I nod behind his back. I admit secretly.

“Wow… Si-siwon, what are you doing? Are you okay?” I ask him with curious tone.

He shrugs his shoulder and sits on the couch in front of my television. If mom comes back she will be freak out seeing handsome man is sitting on her couch. Who would think Siwonnie will come today. It’s almost dinner time though. Hihi~ I am sure he really missed me like what he said awhile ago. ‘I miss you too, Siwonnie…’

I want to ask him about what he wants to drink but he looks really tired. So, I sit next to him and pat his shoulder. “Are you really okay?” how much I have to ask if he’s okay or not? Why does he behave like this?

“I feel like wanna die, Yesung.” He confesses. Wait? What?!

“What are you talking about?” I can’t be. Why he talks like that?

“No, I’m not. Sora has problem in home, she want that man to marry her. But dad doesn’t allow until she reaches her age, at least she finishes her study abroad. She just met with that odd freak man, but she has fallen so hard.”

Wow… I am speechless. What should I say to him? I’m not good at comforting someone. Even to myself I am lack at it. God, I don’t want to see my Siwonnie like this. What should I do? Ah! I should give him drink first so he can lessen his nerve and talk to me freely. My mom hasn’t comeback yet, so he doesn’t need to worry about her. I wish.

And, who is that man? Is that Jungsu seonsaengnim? That white addicted?

“Okay, I will be back, after that, please tell me the whole story.” I see he nods, his tired eyes show off. I stand up and run toward kitchen which the fridge is placed there. I take a can of cola and a piece of cake Wook made this morning.

He is still there with his right hand on his forehead to support his head. I feel so bad for him. I never thought he would have something terrible like this in his lovely life. I wish that I always by his side.

I make a face. How can I be his lover if he’s the one who likes me to be Kyu’s one. Well, at least not now. I don’t want to think about it. Siwonnie is my priority.

“Here… drink it first and calm. Maybe I can help you, Siwon.” I say with pleading eyes. He takes it and slowly gulps its content in one goes. Omo! He’s thirsty. I chuckle.

“What?” he asks after he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. His eyes still show me the tiredness. I wipe the rest on his lips. He doesn’t move but smiles.

“You are like a kid.” I say in amuse. “I never saw you like ever since I laid my eyes one you.”


Siwon stares at me with his beautiful eyes I like the most. He frowns. I can feel he thinks that he hears it wrong. I just send him smile and tries to do something else without him asking me further. I’m nervous right now. What to do? What to do????

Well, I need to do something. Siwonnie, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you the truth. I don’t’ want you to feel pity on me that I like you while you want me to like your brat friend. God, help me. Those eyes are still staring at me.

“Umm, Siwon. I think you can take a rest. Mom will come home soon. Wook also will take it not long. I feel… awkward now.” I honesty tell him like he’s a stranger.

“What’s wrong? I thought you like someone else, like Kyuhyun?” he observes me. His curiosity shows up. I blink my eyes. What is he talking about exactly? I think that I just confessed to him but he just gives me those eyes. He doesn’t seem like disappointing at me.

“What… What are you talking about?” I stand up and walk toward my fridge to steal some fruits from Ryeowook’s part in the fridge. I’m sure he won’t mind me taking his fruits.

I hand him an apple and an orange while I eat the grape. He thanks me and eats the apple. “Well, you remember right about what I ever asked to you at that time?”

“Which one?” I try hardly to remember.

“About you have someone you like. And you said you have. I thought it was Kyuhyun.”

“Mwo?! Are you kidding me? I thought that you were the one who wanted me to date that brat.” I mumble the brat word. I admit that I am childish and my voice sounds like that though. Whatever!!

He shakes his head and reaches my hands to sit next to him. I think that he wants to make me embarrass after thinking like that but I am wrong. He let me sit on his laps and slowly my face is right in front of his. I can’t imagine more than this. The last thing I know is our lips are touching each other.

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(Anonymous) on October 20th, 2013 07:07 am (UTC)
they kissed!!!!!!
shinigami_ichashinigami_icha on October 20th, 2013 08:07 am (UTC)
i guess you like it.. :D

annyeong... nice to see you here, and thanks for reading and commenting ^^