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New Love (Part 9)

Title: New Love
Pairing: KyuWook
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After his wife left him, he took care his twin daughters. But, could he be in love again after he met someone from his past? Could that someone make him falling love again? And there's one new love for them?
Author: shinigami_icha
Icha's note: Because I love her and she asked me to make new one of Double magnaes love. I make this for her --> skyhigh2824
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Chapter 7
Chapter 8

After finishing their shopping time, Kyuhyun who wants to pay the bill speaks, “I have feeling something is wrong.”

“What is it, hyung?”

“Uaaahh! I forgot to lock the house!”

Chapter 9

Kyuhyun’s POV

“Ah, Wook… I forgot to lock the door. The twin…” I stop walking.

He looks so shock but calm. I think I have an idea. I take my cell phone and call someone. He watches me in worried.

After the call we try to end our shopping time, he has already smiles again. Well, someone has to be a hero today. That’s why. Then, I and Ryeowook are looking for something for my daughters. Since they are still sleeping I’m sure when they wake up, both of them will like it. I don’t know what Ryeowook wants to buy, he looks so concern. We go to toy shop. Ryeowook is smiling while tugging my shirt and points at a big pouty angry bird plushy. Well, I like it. So, for last destination, we head towards candy shop next to toy shop. I suggest cotton candy and iced candy. Those are my daughters like the most.

“Are you sure, you don’t want some anymore? Your eyes tell me the opposite.” I try to tease him.

He looks so concern again then smiles. “No, it’s enough.” He nods. I pay and we leave the place.

Since it’s still morning, we decide to walk slowly. I want to take some times together with my baby. Can I? Of course. Ryeowook also doesn’t mind it. We walk side by side. I can tell something is up but my feeling right now is blooming. I’m happy I can be with him alone. Me and him. But-

“Hyung… is it okay we left the twins while sleeping? I don’t feel easy.” He says to me he worries them. Well, me too.

“Baby… I have call him, don’t worry.”

“Ngh… I’m still worried about the twins.” He murmurs.

At Kyu’s house

“Hyeorin… Apaa is nowhere… What should we do?” Hyerin calls her twin, sobbing. She hugs her when the older find her in kitchen.

“We will call the police, Hyerin… Appa will be fine.”

Both of them sit on the chair while hugging each other. They are crying because they think their father is gone. But when the older of the two breaks the hug the door is opened and someone calls them.

“Sunggyu oppa!!!” the twins hugs the boy and cry on his shoulder. The said boy laughs.

“What’s wrong dears? Why are you two crying?” he asks while wiping their face one by one. “It’s nice to see my princesses are doing well. Long time no see. I miss you two...”

“Appaaa…. Appa is gone… his wallet is empty. Someone stole his money. Ryeowook sonsaengnim is gone too.” Hyerin explains him. He gets silent for awhile. “We are scared.”

“Sshh… Oppa is here… so we have to call the police and tell them your appa has gone. Don’t cry anymore, okay.” They nod and break the hug. He smiles again at them.

That Sunggyu guy is ready to call someone but he cancels when his phone is ringing. “Yeoboseyo? Ah, ye… hyung… ne… where? Oh, well, they are crying right now. You have gone too long, hyung. Are you with their teacher?” he looks at the twins on the floor, still crying. “Okay. Well… I’m already here; my princesses are not in bad condition. Palli come back.”

“Oppa… who was that?” Hyeorin tugs his shirt. He smiles and pulls up Hyeorin. “Is appa okay? You called the police, right?”

“Aniya… Your appa is fine. He’s in their way back to home with your teacher. Don’t cry anymore.” He tells them with small smile on his lips. His small eyes almost disappear. Such a handsome guy.

“Jinjja?” Hyerin who is still on the floor stops crying and smiles. She hugs his legs and jumps in happy.

“Annyeong~ appa come back, girls…” Kyuhyun’s voice is echoing the whole room. He feels the weird aura. The girls are not around the house. Is there really Sunggyu or just his imagination for calling him while he and Ryeowook going home.

Ryeowook puts his groceries on the table and heads toward the main room. He watches the girls and a stranger sleeping on the carpeted hugging each other bodies. They seem happy. When he smiles at the view, he feels a couple of hands lingering on his waist. “Well, my twins already find their prince.” A voice murmurs on his ears. It gives him another strange sensation. He giggles.

“Hyung, what are you doing?” Ryeowook tries to resist the feeling his stomach bears right now.

“Nothing. I just fell like hugging you from behind. Can I?”

“Of course you can. But, I have to make breakfast. We took too long for shopping. They must be hungry.”

Kyu has to let go of his arm around his baby. But not failing to smile. “Okay, may I help you?”

“Nope. You are fooling around. I doubt you.” He says playfully. Kyuhyun chuckles and sit nicely on the chair in the kitchen. He watches Ryeowook silently. The more he looks at Ryeowook the more he likes the petite man. Ryeowook is really delicate. He had through many experiences since they got apart. But he’s so strong. Kyuhyun must really thanks God that he can meet him again.

And… time has passed fast. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Hyeorin and Hyerin are gather in their dining room with someone name Sunggyu. Ryeowook sits next to Kyuhyun who is feeding his little daughter while the other is being feed by Sunggyu. He eyes the boy and smiles when the boy looks at him with shy smile.

“Now, I want to tell you. He’s Sunggyu. We met when the girls almost fell from the bridge when they played with stranger. Since then, he became their prince.” Kyuhyun explains a bit to Ryeowook who nods his head cutely. The girls giggle.

“Sonsaengnim… Hyerin and I thought someone stole appa’s money and kidnapped him. But he just went shopping for our breakfast with you. Thank you so much, songsaengnim.” Hyeorin jumps down and hugs Ryeowook. She kisses his cheek and goes back to her place happily.

“I want to kiss you too.” Hyerin kiss him too.

“Aigoo~ no need to thank you. He’s already old to be kidnapped and no one wants to do that.” He jokes and earning laughter from the twins and Sunggyu.

“It’s nice to see you, Ryeowook-shii… I’m Sunggyu, 23 years old, a college student of art education. I wanted to give surprise for them but I was the one who got that.”

“I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t exist. Maybe they would run and being kidnapped instead.” Kyuhyun laughs and get pinched by Hyeorin.

“Appa is mean. You’re the one who left us without warning.” She pouts. Sunggyu strokes her hair for being cute.

“I’m sorry girls. I was in rush.”

“You’re too eager, appa…” Hyerin mocks him.

Well, now Kyuhyun who acts cute all of sudden with put on his lips. They eat peacefully until nothing is left. Ryeowook excuses himself to do dishes and Sunggyu decides to help. Kyuhyun and his daughters are going to their room to clean the mess. Bags and such are still there waiting for them.

Sunggyu waits to help Ryeowook until they are faded through the door. He closes his distance to Ryeowook and tries to break the silences. “Umm… Ryeoowook-shii… sorry for interrupting.”

“No, anything I can help?”

“Umm… are you single?”


What is this? can you guess?
Tags: fic: new love, kyuhyun, kyuwook, ryeowook, super junior
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